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Let Help You Shake Things Up!

From a wild dance party or sing-along to full-on live music performances with makeshift band instruments, Joe Scruggs’ music is the perfect background to any kind of creative session at home with the kids. 

Below, we’ll tell you how and where to access more than a hundred tunes of good, wholesome children’s music and share a few tips and tricks for extending that listening experience–which could mean a little extension of that parental break too!

We’ll also show you how to utilize this catalog of kids’ music as a supplement to your summer learning and/or homeschool curriculum.  

How to Listen to Children’s Music by Joe Scruggs

The easiest way to access Joe’s tunes is by streaming them through the platform of your choice. 

You can find music by Joe Scruggs absolutely free through your Amazon Prime Music account, on Spotify, and with Google Play. 

Add Joe Scruggs tunes to your existing playlists or create an entirely new one!

What’s more engaging than music? A music video, of course! 

Our YouTube channel is currently under development, and we can’t wait for it to be available to you. There, you’ll be able to find exclusive content that’s appropriate for children and features Joe Scruggs’ music tracks, live performance videos, and animated shorts.  

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Going on a road trip? Want a seamless listening experience in the classroom?

We have CDs, MP3s on USB, and Live Show DVDs available in our shop.

We would like to note that buying music directly from does support the artist without middlemen. But the most important thing to Joe is that parents and educators get the music you need for your kids in whatever way works best for your family!

If you have any questions about how to place an order, feel free to email us

In the meantime, we want to share a few ways that can help you extend your children’s listening experience…

How to Extend Your Joe Scruggs Listening Experience

Neurologists say there’s a phenomenon in which one of our senses is stimulated, but results in the experience of another. The word for this is “synesthesia.” It comes from the Greek syn and aisthesis, which can be translated as “together” and “sense.” In other words, synesthesia is a unity of the senses. 

Our idea is to replicate the experience of synesthesia for your child by incorporating music into other activities. 

For example, having your child “paint what they hear” as they listen to a song. Play one of Joe Scruggs’ all-time favorites, like Bahamas Pajamas, and have your little one draw or paint a picture of what they hear in the song. 

Multi-sensory exercises like this not only help with early elementary comprehension and communication skills, but also create fun memories that you and your child will hopefully remember for a lifetime.

Browse our library of resources to extend your child’s listening experience.