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Joe Scruggs’ Educational Roots

Joe Scruggs’ career in educational music came as a natural progression. It began when he utilized his folk music background to create songs for his wife to use in her kindergarten classroom. Seeing how much teachers, students, and even parents enjoyed them, he decided to make his first album — and launched an award-winning career! 

With the help of his wife and daughter, who are both educators, Joe has created children’s music with catchy lyrics and professional arrangements that also supports learning.

Songs like “Late Last Night” and “Goo Goo Ga Ga” allow children to explore the world of make-believe, while “The Other Shoe” and “Are We There Yet?” are familiar, real-life situations put to music. 

When combined with children’s literature and popular unit topics, the songs enhance lesson plans, offering children a multi-sensory learning experience.

Joe’s Music and Teachers

Since 1982, Joe Scruggs has been a household name for many educators, with his music entertaining and engaging preschoolers and kindergarteners around the nation. 

His music is currently featured in the Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum, which is used in districts across the United States — including his daughter’s school district in Texas! 

Home Schooling

Learning at home with your little one is a beautiful experience, and parents across the nation have been using Joe’s collection of work for decades. 

Take the guesswork out of planning engaging lessons and activities with the Joe Scruggs’ children’s music curriculum. Learning with music activates the Total Physical Response (TPR), which engages multiple senses to create a brain link between speech and action. This increases the likelihood of retention. 

Explore the Lessons

Joe Scruggs’ educational music lessons were developed by his wife Linda and daughter Casey based on their years of experience working with young children.

Each lesson includes the following SAFE components: 

  • Stimulus – promotes interest in the topic 
  • Activity – introduces the information or skill 
  • Follow-up – offers a chance for students to demonstrate understanding or practice the skill
  • Evaluation – an activity that allows the teacher to check progress and understanding.

Purchase Teacher Packs

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