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JoeScruggsMusic Comes Full Circle

JoeScruggsMusic has been bringing tunes to youngsters in the classroom — and at home with their families — for nearly four decades. With witty lyrics layered over professional music arrangements, you get timeless songs that both children and adults find easy to absorb and quickly become favorites. 

These songs have been played everywhere from right here in Austin, TX on KUT’s Eklectikos to Late Night with Dave Letterman — and more! 

This catalogue has garnered praise from parents, children, and educators alike, and recognition from renowned organizations ranging from Good Housekeeping to Children’s Radio Network. Scruggs even went on to collaborate on two wildly successful stage productions!

Why the fanfare? It’s simple. Joe Scruggs and Pete Markham, his partner and lifelong friend, made a conscious effort from the very beginning to honor the parents, teachers, and children who were their captive audiences with the highest production quality possible. 

Go ahead, give it a listen and see for yourself!

While he’s come a long way from scribbling lyrics and composing melodies at home for his wife’s kindergarten classroom, Joe’s heart has always remained in the very same place. 

In turn, JoeScruggsMusic has come full circle, finding its way back to exactly where it started — in the classroom. In the upcoming school year, JoeScruggsMusic will find a place in the hearts of even more children with its newest partnership — and we’re all very excited! 

Joe’s music will be featured in early education leader Frog Street’s Pre-K curriculum, which integrates instruction across early learning disciplines and developmental domains. To learn more about the curriculum, visit Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum,


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